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Untitled 2014

Miami Beach - EE.UU.

3 Diciembre 2014 - 7 Diciembre 2014

Rincón Projects is pleased to announce its participation in Untitled 2014 with videos, sculptures, drawings and installations by Silvina Arismendi (NY/Uruguay), Carl Palm (Sweden), Andrés Ramírez‐Gaviria (Vienna / Colombia), and Pier Stockholm (Paris / Peru). Working in a variety of media, the work of these artists is highly cerebral, conceptual, and experimental, but also of great aesthetic interest and visual appeal. Their artwork question preconceived notions of art, its dialog with other disciplines, and the relationship between the work of art and the exhibition space.


The works on exhibit at Untitled are characterized by the use of non‐traditional materials such as textiles, PVC, simple wood, color paper, among others, and offer a reinterpretation of abstraction in the contemporary era. Two books will also be presented: "The Weight of References," by Pier Stockholm and "Planked Boutique," by Silvina Arismendi. Both are published by ONESTAR PRESS, Paris. Carl Palm will take part in "Initiatives for Individuality," organized for Untitled by Finnish curator Aura Seikkula.



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