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Untitled 2013

Miami Beach - EE.UU.

4 Diciembre 2013 - 8 Diciembre 2013

The project presented at the Untitled Art Fair establishes a dialogue among

three emerging Latin-American artists whose shared interest consists of exploring the world through the interaction of materials and objects with their surroundings. Silvina Arismendi (Uruguay), Gabriel Antolínez (Colombia), and Santiago Leal (Colombia) use abstract constructions to question the relationship between the world’s materiality and its significance.


Silvina Arismendi transforms daily objects such as rubber bands, stickers, banners, play dough, maps and pins into sculptures, drawings, paintings, and installations. Rules and patterns emerge from these abstract, geometric and imaginative experimental works according to their shapes, textures, and colors. Gabriel Antolínez explores how materials can change and how they relate to surrounding objects, thereby giving rise to a discourse among seemingly unconnected materials. For example, in “Nata Dorada” (Golden Skin), a gold foil and water interact to create a dialogue between two mediums. Santiago Leal’s work also explores boundaries through different media, including drawing and photography. He seeks to create a bridge among imagination, desire, and reality through everyday situations, and, in so doing, he discovers abstract divisions and categories that relate to our daily lives. For example, the “Ilusiones Expansivas Efímeras” series captures the frontier between places, objects, and people through an imprint of a light in the sky.


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