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Untitled 2015

Miami Beach - EE.UU.

1 Diciembre 2015 - 6 Diciembre 2015

For Untitled 2015, Rincón Projects proposes a booth with the work of four female artists from Uruguay, Spain and Colombia: Silvina Arismendi, Itziar Barrio, Ana Belén Cantoni and Carolina Gómez. These artists work in different media such as installation, sculpture, drawing and painting.

The works of Silvina Arismendi and Ana Belén Cantoni are formally related to abstraction, both artists favouring the use of industrial and non traditional materials such as textiles, PVC lace or copper thread, among others. Their pieces explore contemporary notions of abstraction and potentiate the sculptural qualities of the materials used, at the time that they re-evaluate the use of techniques traditionally linked to women such as sewing or knitting.

The work of Itziar Barrio proposed for Untitled departs from “The Perils of Obedience”, a project that the artist has been working on for the past 5 years, where notions of power, obedience and authority are explored, using the methodology of the experiments designed by psychologist Stanley Milgram on 1960. Sculptural objects of irregular geometry and volume are created with opposing materials like cement and latex. One is contained inside the other in an effort to refer to desire and power, both feelings always related while confronted. Likewise, pieces made entirely of latex and connected to the performances Barrio has produced in Bilbao and New York aim to arise the question in the viewer about obedience and power.

Itziar Barrio’s work integrates elements of the art world with those of popular culture and media, interspersed with theatre and other disciplines.

Carolina Gómez presents the “Mirror Stone” series, a group of paintings with images of iconic women that embody the ideal of western beauty, mainly celebrities that are often recognized as powerful pop culture icons. However, the faces of these women are covered with the image of gemstones, symbols of money, opulence and wealth. With this gesture, the artist leads us to think on the value and position of women in a culture of capitalism, luxe and consumerism.

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